Theological Schools in China

China Partner conducts Training Seminars in variety of different contexts in China; in part this is because the contexts available are so varied.  Unlike in the West, most theological schools do not offer any degree higher than a bachelor’s degree, even if they are named a seminary; however, there is one exception, Jinling Union Theological Seminary in Nanjing, which offers a master of theology degree (no school offers a doctorate program).  Generally speaking, seminaries in China offer 4 years bachelor’s degrees while Bible schools offer 2 or 3 year programs (or sometimes shorter).  Without a set of official standards, the level of education offered over these years varies from school to school and the entry requirements vary as well (with some Bible schools accepting junior high school graduates).  Often times these schools will have some sort of dormitories available for students to live in while attending.  There are at least 23 theological schools in China, each naming themselves as they see fit, whether it be seminary (12), Bible school (6), training center (3), training class (1), or theological class (1) – these are listed below.
In addition, multiple churches have ‘training centers’/’training classes’ as a part of their local ministries, to train local volunteer church leadership.  These are general short-term, non-resident programs which vary in length (4 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.) and content (determined by local Church leadership and present needs).  This training is at times held within the sponsoring church’s building or the church may have a separate building that is called a “training center.”

Seminary / Bible School City Province
Yanjing Theological Seminary Beijing Beijing
Hunan Bible School Changsha Hunan
Sichuan Theological Seminary Chengdu Sichuan
Fujian Theological Seminary Fuzhou Fujian
Guangdong Union Theological Seminary Guangzhou Guangdong
Heilongjiang Provincial Protestant Bible School Ha'erbin Heilongjiang
Zhejiang Theological Seminary Hangzhou Zhejiang
Anhui Theological Seminary Hefei Anhui
Inner Mongolia Protestant Christian Training Class Huhehaote Inner Mongolia
Shandong Theological Seminary Jilin Shandong
Yunnan Theological Seminary Kunming Yunnan
Gansu Provincial Protestant Christian Training Centre Lanzhou Gansu
Jiangxi Bible School Nanchang Jiangxi
Jiangsu Provincial Bible Training School Nanjing Jiangsu
Jinling Union Theological Seminary Nanjing Jiangsu
Guizhou Provincial Protestant Christian Theological Class Pan (County) Guizhou
East China (Huadong) Theological Seminary Shanghai Shanghai
Northeast Theological Seminary Shenyang Liaoning
Hebei Provincial Protestant Christian Training Centre Shijiazhuang Hebei
Zhongnan Theological Seminary Wuhan Hubei
Shaanxi Bible School Xi'an Shaanxi
Qinghai Provincial Protestant Christian Training Centre Xining Qinghai
Henan Bible School Zhengzhou Henan

For details and contact information for these schools, please visit Amity News Service’s site.
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