October 2016

Chinese church leaders display their servant hearts with joy
Terry Calkin from New Zealand teaching about Christian leadership
It is a joy for us to partner with the church leadership in China
CP Board Member Sharon Xu with her husband Charlie Li teaching about Christian marriage
These are the faces of the church leaders you support through your prayers and gifts
One of the massive high-speed train stations that exist all over China
Live ticker of Bibles coming off the press at the Amity Printing Company in Nanjing - over 150 million!
Bibles are also being printed in several Chinese minority languages
Bibles of every kind for sale at a church bookstore in China
Morning exercise anyone?
We love connecting with the next Generation in China
Children during their lunch break from school - who will tell them the good news of Jesus?
Grandparents are often the main caretakers of the children, while parents work
Advocating for and teaching how to reach the new generation with the good news of Jesus is very much needed in China
Students at the Bibleschools are eager to learn new methods to reach their generation
Educated young people in China need a church that is relevant to them and the world they live in
Many of the the volunteer church leaders are older yet eager to serve
Our teaching team during our October 2016 trip to China